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Sustainable duck hatchery Duck-To Farm

Duck-To Farm had the largest solar farm in the Netherlands on their roofs with just under 8,000 solar panels in 2016.

  • +3.1 Million Kwh/year yield
  • +/- 13000 solar panels realised at our companies
  • Largest solar farm 2016

Solar panel projects

  • Installation (2016) of nearly 7,700 solar panels on the roofs of duck barns in Ermelo. Generation of over 2 Million KWh per year.
  • Placement (2019): additional 4,300 panels on slaughterhouse in Ermelo. Generation of over 1 million KWh per year
  • Placement (2023): additional 1,000 panels at the duck barns in Ermelo.

Animal welfare Peking ducks

We take good care of our Ducks:

  • 0% antibiotics
  • Specially trained catching teams and animal-friendly transport
  • Fresh straw for cleaning and snebbing every day
  • Unlimited water & feed
  • Brushing water available for natural behaviour
  • No animal interventions: Wings or beaks are not clipped
  • Feeding is voluntary , like in nature (foraging, cleaning, resting)
  • The ducks have enough space in the farmer's barn to scratch around


  • Continuous monitoring NVWA (veterinarian)
  • Low water and energy consumption
  • Maximum hygiene regulations and HACCP standards
  • Demonstrably among the top slaughterhouses in the Netherlands.


  • Own water treatment
  • Controlling waste flows
  • Energy consumption reduction (cooling, lighting, heat exchangers, etc.)