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Bangkok Ranch

Bangkok Ranch

Bangkok Ranch is proud of its more than 40-year experience and its own slaughterhouse in Bangplee, Thailand. We specialise in producing high-quality raw duck products, as well as delicious roasted, smoked and cooked duck products. Our long history and commitment to quality make us a reliable source for delicious duck dishes.

Quality & Products

Bangkok Ranch offers a wide range of raw, cooked, smoked and roasted duck products. Only the finest duck meat and ingredients, herbs and spices are used in our products. This results in a wide range of traditional dishes. Ranging from premium roast boneless duck to special delicacies such as smoked duck.
Raw duck is known for its high quality. They are undamaged and free of feathers. The fat and cholesterol content is low. The meat texture is deliciously tender! Our raw duck is supplied grilled or ready to cook (with organs). Our range also includes parts of duck, such as duck breast fillets, drumsticks and wings. We also supply by-products such as feet, liver, stomach, neck and tongue.

Brands & private label

Bangkok Ranch products are produced under various Brands, the most well-known for Europe being the Dalee brand.