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Canature Barn-Reared

Free-range Duck

Our Free-range Ducks stay with our Farmers in spacious barns with unlimited exercise space and plenty of fresh air to scavenge inside in accordance with EU standards of fewer Ducks per m2 and slaughter age of +49 days. Our Farmers ensure the Free-range Ducks are comfortable, relaxed with fresh and clean straw to walk on every day. By raising the Barn Ducks in the barn, they are optimally protected from changing weather conditions and birds of prey and possible predators. This also gives the very best protection against the potential Bird Flu risk. This way, the free-range ducks grow up in the most sustainable and welfare-friendly way possible. The Canature Free-range Duck range consists of heavier Ducks (3.0 kg +), Duck breast fillet and Duck legs.

Together, we ensure the best quality duck meat.