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From pioneer to global player

Tomassen's start

Around 1930, the first duck farmers settled near the city of Harderwijk and Ermelo. When the Zuiderzee waters were reclaimed to be used as farmland, regional fishermen changed jobs and became duck farmers.

Initially, duck farmers were only interested in egg production, but in the 1950s, duck meat also attracted increasing interest.
In 1964, Mr A. Tomassen started his own poulterer's business.

Peking duck

In 1980, the company specialised in slaughtering Peking duck for Chinese restaurants.

Peking ducks from Tomassen Duck-To are highly regarded in terms of quality. The feed quality, the selection programmes and the way the animals are raised guarantee you a low fat content, beautiful red tender meat and a worldwide renowned taste. Renowned Chinese restaurants in the Netherlands were closely involved in the development of our products.

The way chefs prepare the duck meat varies from region to region.

Investment company

In 1998, A. Tomassen sold the company to an investment company and part to his son Gertjan Tomassen. Since then, our quality ducks have found their way to customers in many forms, including in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Tomassen bought back

In 2006, Gertjan Tomassen bought the company back from the investment company.

Bangkok Ranch

Driven by passion and with Gertjan Tomassen's ambition to grow, Tomassen Duck-To B.V. merged with Bangkok Ranch Co. Ltd (Thailand), together with Private Equity Funds as co-shareholders. Tomassen Duck-To thus became one of the largest producers of Peking duck in Europe.

From then on, the gateway to Asia was wide open. At that time, Bangkok Ranch consisted of a number of parent animal farms, a feed mill, hatcheries, slaughterhouse and braiding plant.

BR Group

In 2009, BR Group was established as the parent company of Bangkok Ranch and Duck-To holding.

Management buy-out

From the management buyout in December 2012, the Private Equity funds are no longer part of the BR Group.

Takeover Lucky Duck Int. food

in 2013, BR-Tomassen acquired 100% of Lucky Duck international food.


In 2015, the company was listed in Thailand on the S.E.T. (Stock Exchange market Thailand).

VSE takeover

in 2016, BR-Tomassen took over operations and staff from V.S.E. in Harderwijk and transferred them to Ermelo.

DTC Kosovo

DTC Kosovo falls under BR-Tomassen


We will continue to strive to be and remain the world's most reputable supplier of duck products.