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New: The Urban Butcher Duck Burgers

  • Fresh frozen
  • Seasoned
  • Delicious during barbecue

Surprise your guests with something new

As meat lovers, we know that nothing beats a good Burger. And if you're looking for a unique taste experience, we recommend you try the Urban Butcher duck burger.

These burgers are made from high-quality duck meat sourced from local farms. The meat is artisanally processed and ground, resulting in a deliciously juicy burger with a rich flavour and texture.

Duck burgers from the Urban Butcher

But what makes the Urban Butcher duck burger so special? Firstly, duck meat is naturally leaner than beef, meaning these burgers contain less fat than traditional beef burgers. In addition, duck meat has a unique flavour that lends itself perfectly to making burgers. It is slightly sweeter and more tender than beef, making it a delectable option for meat lovers who want to try something new.

Inspiration for your dinner

  • Frozen directly for optimal results
  • Seasoned with passion
  • Delicious for the barbecue